Honeysuckle P.E.

Honeysuckle P.E.
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Product Introduction

Honeysuckle P.E. is mainly used to treat cold, sore throat, pneumonia and other diseases. It has the effect of anti-inflammation and detoxification, which can remove the toxic substances in the body, such as the swelling and swelling of carbuncle, intestinal carbuncle and lung carbuncle. The produtc can prevent bad breath. Our Honeysuckle P.E. can also dispel heat and improve eyesight. What's more, it has the effect of reducing fat, reducing weight, beautifying and cleaning skin. We can supply you with is product in a large quantity at wholesale price. Please let us know if you are interested!


Honeysuckle P.E. 

Chlorogenic acid 5%-99% 

Yellow to white fine powder 


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The Honeysuckle P.E. can be used as anti-infectious active ingredient. It has effects of anti-virus and anti-bacteria. The product also has obvious anti-infection effects. It not only can be used in pharmaceutical field, but also can be used widely in many other fields like food, feed aditives and cosmetics.