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D-Ribose Synonyms: D(-)-Ribose Molecular formula C5H10O5 Molecular weight 150.13 Description It is a white crystalline powder. Quality Standard of D-Ribose Exterior White odorless crystalline powder Loss on drying 0.5% max Specific Rotation -20.8~ -19.0 Residue on Ignition 0.5% max Heavy Metal (Pb) 10ppm max Arsenic 2ppm max Content 97~101% Package Net weight 25kg, Gross weight 28kg Usage D-Ribose is the important component of nucleic acid, which is a germ plasm of creatures. It is hinge in nucleotide, protein and fat metabolism and has very important physiological function and wide application.
As nature component existing in all cells in creature body, it has affinity with the form of adenylic acid and the regeneration of ATP, it is a very basic source of metabolism of life. It places important role in heart skeletal muscle metabolism and can help recovering the local ischemia tissue and local oxygen-poor tissue. Nucleic acid medicines is one of the important treatment means of virus, tumor and AIDS, and D-ribose is an important intermediate of such kind of medicines. Can be used in the production of virazole, adenosine, thymidine, cytidine, fluoro-thymidine, 2-methyl adenosine, pyrromonazole toxin, adenosine methionine, etc. It is the material used in the synthesis of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Tetra-O-Acetyl-Ribose and nucleoside etc, also used as health product in sports or used as food additives.
D-ribose Brief introduction:
1. Has close relation with the adenosine acid's formation and the ATP regeneration
2. One of the most basic energy origins for metabolization
3. Play a key role in metabolization of heart, skeletal muscles, nucleosides, protein, fat, etc.
4. Be used as pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates
5. health care products
6. Food additives, Falvor additives, FEMA: 3793
7. Sprots nutition
8. Nutritional enhancer
D-ribose Main Pharmaceutical usage:
1. production of Vitamin B2 (it is also can be called riboflavin)
2. ribofuranose, ribopyranose
3. anti-virus medicine
4. anti-tumor medicine
5. nucleosides, etc.