Xanthan Gum Manufacturing Process

Production of xanthan gum E415 by fermentation process using the bacteria Xanthomonas campestris.  The fermentation medium contains a carbohydrate (such as sugar), a nitrogen source, trace elements, and other growth factors. purified by recovery with ethanol or isopropanol, dried and milled.


Xanthan gum E415 Properties

Xanthan gum E415 is very resistant to pH-variations and is therefore stable in both alkaline and acidic conditions. The thermal stability of xanthan gum is usually superior to most other water-soluble hydrocolloids. Its viscosity recovers after heat treatment steps during food processing, such as sterilisation or pasteurisation. Thus the rheological properties of the final products remain stable, irrespective of being kept in a refrigerator, stored at room temperature, or heated. Xanthan gum also improves the freeze/thaw stability of frozen foods. Details Xanthan Gum properties as follows:

Xanthan gum solubility: Soluble in hot and cold water, insoluble in alcohol

High viscosity at low concentration.

High pseudoplasticity. It is also called shear thinning. Pseudoplasticity is important in contributing good sensory qualities and flavor release to foods, as well as long term shelf stability of emulsifying and suspending. The viscosity of xanthan gum solutions decreases with higher shear rates; this is called shear thinning or pseudoplasticity. This means that a product subjected to shear, whether from mixing, shaking or even chewing, will thin out, but, once the shear forces are removed, the food will thicken back up.

xanthan gum ph stability: Very resistant to pH variations: they are stable in both alkaline and acidic conditions. Between pH 1 to 13, the viscosity of xanthan solution is practically constant. At pH 9 or above, xanthan is gradually deacetylated, but this has little effect on its solution properties.

Highly resistant to temperature variations.

High stabilizing properties.

Excellent freeze/thaw stability.

Highly resistant to enzymatic degradation.

Compatible with all commercial thickeners and stabilizers.