What Is Kappa Carrageenan

What is Kappa Carrageenan – Firm & Brittle Gel

§  Kappa Carrageenan is sourcing from Cottonii seaweed.

§  Use & Application: Kappa has Strongly gelling properties and is mainly used in meat, canned pet food, beer, in some jelly, ice cream and so on. Kappa carrageenan yields a strong Firm and brittle gel than Iota carrageenan. The gel strength is more strong in the presence of potassium ions.

§  Solubility: cannot Soluble in water and can soluble at 80C water

§  Kappa Carrageenan will be with syneresis when it gels.

§  Chemical structure:


What is Iota Carrageenan – Soft & Elastic Gel

§  IOTA CARRAGEENAN is sourcing from Spinosum seaweed. Iota carrageenan forms an elastic gel with good freeze thaw and re healing properties.

§  It has weak gelling property when compared with Kappa. It is mainly used in soft gel capsules, jelly, ice cream and so on. Kappa and iota can be used together in ice cream and air freshener gels.

§  Gel property: The gel made from Iota is Soft and elastic gel.

§  Solubility: IOTA CARRAGEENAN is Partially cold soluble in water and can soluble at 80C water

§  IOTA CARRAGEENAN can reactive with Calcium ions

§  IOTA CARRAGEENAN is free from Syneresis when it gels.

What is Iota Carrageenan – Viscous & Non-gelling Solutions

§  Lambda has Non-gelling property is mainly used in chocolate milk. Lambda Carrageenan can be used in food that do not need to heat, like some instant sauce. It is Cold soluble and can react with milk.

§  Lambda carrageenan is a highly sulphated type of carrageenan that mainly used for its ability to impart mouth feel and a creamy sensation to dairy products.