What Is Gellan Gum E418?

Gellan gum E418 is a kind of microbial extra cellular polysaccharide. It is functioned as a thickening, gelling agent and stabilizing agent. Gellan gum has been used in the food, medicine(e.g. soft or hard capsule), cosmetic, chemical industry, etc. Gellan gum has two types: low acyl Gellan gum and high acyl Gellan gum. It is suitable for vegetarian or for vegan diets.


Low acyl gellan gum products form firm, non-elastic, brittle gels, whereas high acyl gellan gum forms soft, very elastic, non-brittle gels. Varying the ratios of the two forms of gellan produces a wide variety of textures.

The uniqueness of gellan gum is the ability to suspend while contributing minimal viscosity via the formation of a uniquely functioning fluid gel solution with a weak gel structure.

Other name for Gellan Gum: Gelling agent E418, E418 food additive

Gellan gum E418 structure

Gellan gum is a high molecular linear polysaccharide, which is formed by repeated polymerization of basic units composed of 4 monosaccharide molecules. The basic units are two glucose residues linked by 1,3- and 1,4- linkages, one glucuronic acid residue linked by 1,3-, and one rhamnose residue linked by 1,4- linkages composition.

Among them, glucuronic acid can be neutralized by potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium into a mixed salt. And natural gellan gum contains O-acyl (glycerol acyl and acetyl). Natural or high acyl gellan gum can form high elasticity and low hardness gel. High acyl gellan gum removes O-acyl groups by alkali treatment to produce low-acyl gellan gum, which can then be filtered to obtain a purified low-acyl gellan gum, which is a commercial gellan gum with a relative molecular weight of about 500,000.