What Does Vitamin A Do For Your Skin?

If you're big on anti-ageing or suffer with spots, you're probably aware that vitamin A in its purest form is also known as star skincare ingredient retinol.

Favoured by dermatologists and facialists all over the globe, retinol's complexion-perfecting properties are second to none.

'Vitamin A or retinol is the gold standard in skin ageing,' says clinical facialist Kate Kerr. 'The reason this ingredient is so effective is that it is a cell-communicator. It attaches itself to skin cells and tells them to behave like younger, healthier versions of themselves.

'Retinol helps speed up cell turnover, thickening the dermis for plumper, younger looking skin and a brighter, more glowing complexion, and it really helps improve hyper-pigmentation, acne, large pores, lines and wrinkles.'