What Do Artificial Sweeteners Do To Your Body?

The FDA has just approved six artificial sweeteners as low-calorie options to help curb obesity but studies has shown that these sweeteners may have negative effects on the body and brain. Artificial sweeteners can be 200 to 200,000 thousand times sweeter than sugar and since brains can tell the difference between artificial and real sugar, there is no true sugar high when the artificial sweetener is consumed. Use of artificial sweeteners tend to exacerbate sugar cravings instead of treating it and sustained use can induce insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.


In our stomachs, issues with artificial sweeteners continue. This fake sugar isn’t actually digestible so it sits in the stomach. Some microbes can digest the artificial sweetener but in doing so, triggers a ‘glucose response’ which exacerbates insulin resistance. In addition, a changed gut microbiome in response to artificial sweeteners can produce potentially negative hormonal changes in the body. This is just the beginning of the ways artificial sweeteners can help contribute to the epidemic of weight-related diseases.