Vitamin-D Is Vital For Healthy Baby

Vitamin D supplimentation for a pregnant woman helps to reduce the risk of baby developing asthma.

Hyderabad: The largely indoor lifestyle that most of us have adopted today is resulting in some serious health issues that were hitherto taken care of naturally. An increasing number of people, for instance, now run the risk of acute Vitamin D deficiency. 

A recent study conducted by King’s College, London, concluded that Vitamin D supplementation for pregnant women is a must to reduce the risk of their babies developing asthma. The study claims that regular supplementation of Vitamin D helps foetal lung growth and maturation. 

Earlier, pregnant women were encouraged to bask in the morning sun either by taking short walks or just relaxing with a cup of tea in the sun. But the changing lifestyle, increasing air pollution and high rise buildings that cut off sunlight, are all coming together to heighten the health problem.  

Said gynaecologist Dr Sasikala Kola, “Cases of asthma have increased with all these changes. Earlier, we did not have such an acute level of vitamin D deficiency in patients. Vitamin D helps in controlling allergies. It also has anti-cancer properties. So, this study should be taken seriously and measures taken to increase the Vitamin D in-take to the required amounts.” 

Dr Rooma Sinha, a gynaecologist at Apollo Hospital, said, “We always advise pregnant women to get enough exposure to the sun during the early hours of the morning and take a dose of Vitamin D as it helps to build the calcium metabolism in children.”

Gynaecologist Dr Vimee Bhindra said, “The first trimester is critical as this is the time when most of the organs of the foetus develop, including the lungs. Most women today suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and therefore we always try to build the vitamin D in-take.”