The Energy Of Pectin You Cannot Imagine

As a natural gelling agent, thickener and stabilizer, pectin has been widely used in the food industry.

Jam: Compared with traditional starch jam, the addition of pectin significantly improves the taste of the jam, and the fruit flavor is better released; pure pectin jam has very good gelling properties, spreading properties and brightness; Anti syneresis effect;


Puree and blended jam: The addition of pectin makes the puree and blended jam have a very refreshing taste after blending, and can help the pulp to suspend and present a more attractive appearance;

Fudge: Pectin's excellent gel performance and flavor release are fully reflected in fudge, and it is also a very important application area of pectin. Pectin fudge has good taste, does not stick to teeth, has smooth and flat cut surfaces, and high transparency. Therefore, whether it is pure pectin fudge or compounded with other colloids, it displays unique gel and flavor characteristics;

Fruit cake: Traditional fruit cake uses carrageenan and agar as gelling agent, but the shortcomings of acid resistance limit its flavor change; in recent years, more natural and healthy, acid and heat resistant pectin is increasingly replacing carrageenan Gum and agar, become the best choice for fruit cake products;

Kastar sauce: Unlike ordinary Kastar sauce, the addition of pectin makes the sauce more refreshing, improves the baking resistance, and has a wider application area;

Juice drinks and milk drinks: Pectin can significantly improve the refreshing and smooth taste in beverages, and can protect protein, thicken and stabilize;

Solid beverages: Pectin has been widely used in collagen solid beverages, probiotic solid beverages, etc. After brewing, it makes the mouth feel smooth, the system is stable, and the flavor is improved;

Mirror fruit paste: The pectin-based mirror fruit paste can form a bright and transparent visual effect on the fruit surface, and can prevent the fruit from losing water and browning, so it has been widely used in the baking industry. There are two types of mirror fruit paste: hot and cold, suitable for different products;

Chewable soft capsules: Traditional chewable soft capsules are mainly gelatin, with a hard texture and difficult to chew. The addition of pectin can obviously improve the mouthfeel of soft capsules, making it easier to bite and swallow.