Potassium Sorbate E202 Market

Market trend

Potassium sorbate E202 a salt of sorbic acid and has wide application & use in food and personal care products as a preservative. Market Demand of potassium sorbate is increasing in food especially in processed food. In terms of its functionality it is used as a preservative against molds, yeast and many bacteria. Growth of mycotoxin-forming molds is also inhibited. The potassium sorbate is extensively used in food products as a preservative and it is easily available and cost effective. Potassium sorbate was initially tagged as safe for consumption.


The manufacturers of milk extracted products such as yogurt, cheese are widely using this chemical to extend its shelf life.

Apart from processed dairy products, potassium sorbates E202 are extensively used in processed fruits and vegetables and wines. As the processed food industry is likely to expedite in the forthcoming years, so it will surely impact the development of the global potassium sorbate market. The developing economies of the globe holds the key to the growth of the processed fruits and vegetables industry.

Potassium sorbate market is segmented on two different basis which includes types and application. As per the types it includes granular and powder. Among these segments, granular segment contributes the largest market share. Market segment on the basis of application includes food & beverages, pharmaceutical products, personal care and industrial usage. Further the food & beverage segment is sub-segmented into bakery, dairy products, canned foods carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages & powdered mixes. Major demand of potassium sorbate is from the side of food processing industry followed by pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector.

On analyzing the demand of potassium sorbate, it is observed that highest percentage of its application is in canned fruit and vegetable products, canned meat, desserts and from dairy sector which includes products like cheese, ice-cream, yogurt etc. Results of pie chart show that majority of share in market of potassium is from food & beverage industry. It is due to increasing demand of processed food products among growing population in emerging economies of world.  On the other side, potassium sorbate is also gaining demand in wine industry where it is used in fermentation process and it also used as a stabilizer in beverage industry to prevent the drinks from secondary fermentation and reinfection. Similar in personal care products it is used in shampoo, lotion, cream etc. It is also used in industrial coatings to prevent the industrial products from fungus, yeast, mold etc.

Potassium sorbate E202 manufacturers

China is the biggest Potassium sorbate E202 manufacturers and export country in the world. The production capacity of sorbic acid E200 and Potassium sorbate E202 in China reaches 165.5 thousand tonnes in 2016. Ningbo Wanglong, Jinneng, Nantong Acetic Acid are the top 3 manufacturers in China, which take up 82.9% of Chinese sorbic acid and potassium sorbate production.

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