Polylysine Application & Use In Food Preservation

ε-polylysine Application & use in food preservation

(1) ε-polylysine and glycine used together can prolong the shelf life of milk.

(2) extending shelf life of instant rice and fast foods.

(3) polylysine and garlic used together as the food preservatives. This food preservatives are added to or sprayed on the surface of the food when, which has a significant antibacterial and antiseptic effect and can kill or inhibit the pathogenic microorganisms inside or on the food.


How to use

You can dilute Epsilon Poly L Lysine (ε-Polylysine) to the 5-10% Epsilon Poly L Lysine (ε-Polylysine) solution with cold boiled water or distilled water, then put it into the food and mix fully. If it is used together with other food preservatives, can attain better effect.

Use dosage

ε-Polylysine is widely used as a natural food preservatives, the foods contain ε-Polylysine such as: cake, pastry, snack foods, cookies, butter, salad, sauce, beverage, wine, meat products, boiled rice, cooked vegetables, soups, noodles and etc.