Pigments Cover Rate And Shelf Life

1, the cover ratio: ratio of organic pigments inorganic pigments cover rate is much weaker

2, Color: The color is bright organic pigments, inorganic pigments relatively dim (except inorganic pigments containing chromium / molybdenum pigments, such pigments color is also very bright)

3, Shelf life: organic pigments relatively small time warranty (warranty time is short red and yellow, blue, green and purple long warranty), generally divided into 1-8 grade organic pigments 8 do not necessarily have inorganic good effect level 6

4, temperature resistance: organic pigments, when confronted with a high temperature, the color fades (especially red, yellow), inorganic pigments, high temperature encountered dims, inorganic pigments good insulation

If hiding encounter would not be enough, the point may be appropriate to add a filler, such as kaolin.