New Study Says Kids Eat 5 Times More Sugar In Summer

How much more sugar are kids eating during these hot months? 

A new study out of England finds children eat up to five times as much sugar during summer than other times of the year. The major culprits are soda, juice and, you guessed it, ice cream.


Almost a third of parents say they're more likely to treat their kids to sugary foods in the summer. And, sometimes kids are eating more sugar simply because they're bored.

Clinical Dietitian Emily Schwartz from Ascension Providence Hospital says kids are obviously home at more in the summer, and more screen time can contribute to mindless snacking. 

"In small doses, sugar is totally fine. The problem comes when we're eating large quantities long-term. That does kind of set us up for higher chronic disease risk," she adds. 

Not only should we be aware of those dietary dangers, but this is also the time of year kids are becoming lax on brushing their teeth. They go to bed late or are too tired, and skip the tooth brushing.

So here's what can you do: Have healthy foods and snacks on hand, like cheese sticks, fruits, or veggies and dip. Make smoothies or ice cream with fruits, like frozen bananas. When it comes to drinks choose water, and try to make sure they're brushing their teeth.