Natamycin Application And Use

Application & use

Natamycin E235 (Pimaricin) is an antifungal preservative which have broad and effective action. It not only inhibits the growth of different moulds and yeasts, but also inhibits the production of their toxin. Commercial Natamycin usually contains 50% of the active substance like Natamycin 50% in Glucose, Natamycin 50% in NaCl, Natamycin 50% in Lactose, Natamycin 95%.


Small quantities of Natamycin can inhibit all moulds and yeasts, which cause food spoilage. Natamycin has no effect on bacteria, so it does not prevent in the natural maturing process of yogurt , cheese , fresh ham, sausage and can be used in these food products.

Natamycin E235 (Pimaricin) is a natural, broad spectrum, efficient and safe filamentous fungi inhibitor such as yeast and mold that not only inhibits fungi but also prevents mycotoxin production. Natamycin harmless to the human body, it is difficult to be absorbed by the human digestive tract, and micro-organisms are difficult to produce resistance, but because of its low solubility and other characteristics, usually used for food surface corrosion.

Application & Uses Natamycin in cheese

Natamycin E235 (Pimaricin) prevents the cheese from becoming moldy at maturity to limit mycotoxin formation. As it is cannot penetrate the cheese, only stay in the cheese surface, so it has a advantage in control of mold surface growth on cheese, and does not affect the cheese maturation process. There are three Specific application methods 1) 0.05% ~ 0.28% natamycin sprayed on the surface of cheese products 2) soaked cheese in 0.05% ~ 0.28% concentration suspension for 2 to 4 minutes. 3 Add natamycin 0.05% to the coating that covers the cheese.

Application & Uses Natamycin in yogurt

Natamycin preservative E235 (Pimaricin) is widely used as a yogurt antifungal and natural preservative for yogurt. The usage of 5 ~ 10ppm natamycin in yogurt, can extend the shelf life of the yogurt more than 4 weeks.

Application & Uses Natamycin in Meat products

Using a method of soaking or spraying on meat products, 4mg / cm2 Natamycin E235 can be used to achieve a safe and effective anti-mold purpose. Soaking the sausage casing with a Natamycin suspension at a concentration of 0.05% to 0.2% (w / v), or by soaking or spraying the surface of the already filled sausage, effectively prevents growth of mold on the sausage surface. It can also by spraying 0.05% ~ 0.1% (w / v) concentration of natamycin suspension on Barbecue, roast duck and other baked goods and dried fish products to extend the shelf life of the product.