Low Calorie Sweeteners Being Used By More Kids

Low calorie sweeteners are being used as an alternative to sugar and other high fructose sweeteners. Many think that this might have more benefit on people. A study has shown that low calorie sweeteners are being used by more kids.

Low calorie sweeteners are becoming more popular. With diabetes and other ailments becoming prevalent, low calorie sweeteners are seen as the better alternative. These low calorie sweeteners include aspartame, sucralose and saccharin. Now more people are using these alternatives, and even kids are turning to them.

In 1999 only 8.7 percent of children were using low calorie sweeteners. After thirteen years the number has risen to 25.1 percent. This has been the findings of lead author Allison Sylvetsky, Ph.D. She is also the assistant professor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health. In the study, it has also been found that more adults as well are turning to low calorie sweeteners.

41 percent of adults are said to be using low calorie sweeteners as an alternative. Low calorie sweeteners have been used to replace sugar and other high fructose sweeteners. Many of these low calorie sweeteners are also approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration, according to the George Washington University's site.

While low calorie sweetener use might be on the rise, there is still no scientific consensus on the actual health effect of low calorie sweeteners. There are some studies that show low calorie sweeteners can help in weight loss. Or studies however have shown low sugar diet drinks and food can actually increase weight, as Science Daily reports. That could be because those who get diet drinks and food consume more of them, as observed by Sylvetsky.

Experts as well are still not sure if kids should be exposed to low calorie sweeteners. It is advised that those who would want to avoid low calorie sweeteners should follow the dietary guidelines recommended by the US government. That means consuming more fruits and vegetables, and overall eating more natural and organic food. These might help, as low calorie sweeteners are being used by more kids. A new study has found that flu cases are getting worse.