Ferric Use

1, before using this product at a certain concentration (10-30%) alum dissolved into pools, into water stirring to fully hydrolyzed, standing to reddish brown liquid, watered and then diluted to the desired concentration dosing coagulation . 2-5% water can also be dubbed in direct dosing, industrial wastewater treatment dosing directly dubbed 5-10%.

2, dosage is determined, based on the nature of the raw water may be formed through the production debugging or beaker experiment depends on the right amount of alum may be prepared waterworks can use another dose of the original as a reference, this product with a solid polymeric chloride under the same conditions aluminum amount roughly equivalent to the amount of solid aluminum sulfate 1 / 3-1 / 4. If the original using a liquid product can be calculated according to the discretion of the appropriate drug concentration. Approximate weight ratio of 1: 3 may be.

3, using the above-mentioned preparation of a good liquid, pumped into the metering tank, dosing liquid through the metering and raw water coagulation.

4, the date of the preparation of the day in general use, dispensing needs water, slightly sediment is normal.

5, pay attention to the hydraulic conditions of the three stages of the coagulation process and formed alum situation.