E418 Gellan Gum Use And Application

Due to the excellent gel properties of gellan gum, it has gradually replaced the use of agar and carrageenan.

Gellan gum is widely used in foods such as puddings, jellies, sugars, beverages, dairy products, jam products, bread fillings, surface smootheners, candy, sugar coatings, seasonings, and the like. It is also used in non-food industry, such as microbial culture medium, slow release of drugs, toothpaste and so on.


Gellan gum can enhance the hardness, elasticity and viscosity of noodle products. It also improves taste, inhibits hot water swelling, reduces cross-section and reduces turbidity of soups. It can also be added to biscuits to improve biscuits, make biscuits have a good degree of looseness; gellan gum as a stabilizer applied to ice cream can improve shape retention; used in cakes, cheese cakes, with moisturizing, preservation and conformal effect;

Gellan gum used in candy can provide products with superior structure and texture, and shorten the time of formation of starch jelly candy; Also can be used to replace pectin for the preparation of jams and jellies, can also be used for cakes and fruit pie filling;

In meat products and vegetables, during the processing, adding gellan gum will give it a refreshing taste, and it will play a good role in making up for the lack of product taste. Gellan gum can be used together with other hydrocolloid for gel in pet food; it can be mixed with sucrose, sodium citrate, slow-dissolving acid (fatty acid, adipic acid, etc.) into dry material, added into boiling water, and made into extremely transparent hot water dessert gel, the flavor release is good after the it is broken quickly in mouth ; it can replace pectin to make jam. Starch can also be combined with starch or partially substituted, with cakes and tart fillings.