Different Treatment Methods Matting Manifested Different Effects

For conventional matting, we all know that the larger the average particle size of a matting agent, matting efficiency is higher. However, if the particles are too large, and will lead to the film surface is too rough, affect the feel and appearance. 

Select the porosity (pore volume) higher product. The larger the porosity, the unit weight of powder content will be higher, the better the performance of extinction.

The average particle diameter of the matting agent is smaller, the better the transparency of the film, but the corresponding extinction efficiency will be reduced, be noted that the fines content is too high, it will have a negative impact on transparency.

In fact, the surface treatment can also affect other effects matting.

Organic matting treatment: anti-settling performance will be better. Matting agent with the extension of storage time of the coating, there will be layered with precipitation but this is only a short time to a certain extent, the time is too long, then it will precipitate