Defoamers Four Caution

1, usage: the amount of anti-foaming agent should be in moderation, this amount is sure to do the test (including laboratory tests and field tests) on the basis of the recommended dosage, to determine the best dosage, not by the more defoamers more the better, nor is it used as little as possible;

2, mixing: defoamers even without stratification, before use must stir best. If you are using pre-tiered, it must stir;

3. Dilution: The body does not have to be diluted before use defoamers, dilution is not recommended. Low solids emulsion defoamer having to dilute the direct use; high solids emulsion defoamer may be diluted, but to follow the method, there would be breaking stratification phenomenon, more harm than good;

4, environment: different environments should use a different defoamer choice to take into account anti-foaming properties, foam inhibition performance, compatibility, etc., and the temperature of different application environments, pH, foaming substance mixed.