Chemicals Banned Abroad That The FDA Allows In American Food

It shouldn’t be news to most Americans that the US food industries practice double standards when it comes to American foodstuffs versus what they sell to other countries. As hard as it is for many Americans to believe, US food companies sell the same foodstuffs to other countries without all the harmful additives found in American foods.

More astounding, the FDA (Food and Drug Agency), charged with protecting the health of the American people from harmful foods and drugs, allows these killer chemicals to be added to our foods.

It gives most Americans pause when many watchdog groups accuse the FDA of not looking out for American families. Instead, they proclaim that the FDA turns a blind eye to often deadly or health-altering chemicals added to American processed foods and meats.

Why would this agency ignore the health risks to the very people they are supposed to be placing first and green light food company additives? Politics is the most likely answer given, as cliché as it may sound.

The EU (European Union) is said to err on the side of caution when it comes to such food additives. What type of measuring stick does the FDA use? Some believe that measuring rod is how well an additive will stand up in court. Can it pass judgment in a lawsuit?

According to watchdog groups, there are many chemicals added to American foods that are used to extend self-life, reduce clumping and enhance taste, but these chemicals are harmful to humans and simply don’t belong in foods.

One of the most commonly used examples of the double-standard of foods in the US vs other countries is the McDonald’s American French fries version compared to McDonald’s UK fries.