Cationic Inorganic Polymer Flocculant

(1) a cationic polyacrylamide as a flocculant, mainly used in industrial solid-liquid separation processes, including sedimentation, clarification, concentration and sludge dewatering process, the application's main industries are: urban sewage treatment, paper industry, food processing industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, mineral industry, dyeing industry and the sugar industry and various industrial wastewater treatment. The use in urban sewage and meat, poultry, food processing wastewater treatment process sludge precipitation and sludge dewatering, through which contains positively charged groups of sludge organic colloids negative electrical charge and the role and condensation polymer excellent bridging function to promote aggregation of colloidal particles into large floc, separated from the suspension. The effect is obvious, low dosage.

(2) a cationic polyacrylamide can be used in the paper industry paper dry strength agents, retention agents, filter aids, can greatly improve the paper quality, cost savings, increased mill production capacity. Electrostatic bridge can occur directly in order to achieve enhanced physical strength of paper, reduce the loss of fibers or fillers, accelerate drainage, from enhanced retention and inorganic ions, fiber and other organic polymer, filter aids, can also be used Whitewater treatment, while in the de-inking process can play a significant flocculation.