Carrageenan E407 Benefits

Carrageenan E407 Benefits

Carrageenan skin benefits

You may find cosmetic products with Carrageenan such as in toothpaste, facial moisturizer, shampoo/conditioner, shaving cream, foundation, sunscreen and cleanser. Carrageenan Works as a thickening agent, binder and hair conditioning agent. It has excellent water binding properties, as well as the ability to form gels at room temperature. They provide a wide array of textures and can stabilize a variety of formulations such as emulsion, foams and suspensions.


Carrageenan E407 Application

Based on the properties of carrageenan E407, it is commonly used as a thickener, gelling agent, suspending agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, etc. in the food like meat, frozen dessert, chocolate milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, beer, sauces, pet foods, coffee, hot cereal beverages, confectionery, ice creams, yogurts, cottage cheese, whipping creams, fruit jellies, soft drinks, ham, salad dressings, infant formulas, dried pasta products, fish products, vegetarian hot dogs. It can be also used in medicines, laxatives, air freshener Gel, toothpastes, shampoos and so on.

Carrageenan In meat

Injected and/or Tumbled Meat: meat and solution is added to a rotating chamber with baffles, subjecting the meat pieces to a gentle beating process.

Emulsified Meat: brine solution containing water and salt is distributed to whole muscle meat product.

Canned Meat

Carrageenan Function in meat

Stabilizes fat-protein emulsion preventing separation of the fractions which in effect gives a more homogenous, better cut

Improves texture, slice ability and mouth feel

Improves water

Improves holding capacity: weight yield

Stabilise water-fat-protein emulsion

Carrageenans disperse well in water without increasing density which makes injecting easier – low density is retained until heat treatment

Improve freeze and thaw stability

If you need the meat soft, you can use iota carrageenan, if you need hard meat, you can use kappa carrageenan.

If meat without Carrageenan, it will be poor slice ability, high purge, not freeze-thaw stable and Lower yield.

If with Carrageenan, meat will be with better slice ability, reduced purge, Freeze-thaw stable and Increased yield.