Canadian Approval For Ajinomoto’s Advantame Sweetener

27 Apr 2017 --- Ajinomoto’s zero-calorie sweetener, Advantame, has been approved in Canada following the green light already being given by a whole host of other countries. Advantame has a clean, sugar-like taste, functionality and cost effectiveness, and can be used to replace caloric sweeteners and other high-potency sweeteners in foods and beverages while maintaining or enhancing the flavor profile.

Advantame is now approved as a sweetener in the US, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore and Turkey and this latest approval brings the number of countries where advantame may be used in foods to 39.

As governments around the world encourage populations to reduce their sugar intake, advantame offers excellent sweetening solutions in food formulation. Its clean sweetness allows manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar in their product without compromising taste. 

Additionally, advantame blends well with caloric and non-caloric sweeteners, which provides food and beverage companies an opportunity to reduce calories and manage sweetness costs. 

“We are pleased that Canada has approved advantame and look forward to assisting food and beverage customers in formulating great tasting products while still reducing sugar content,” says Rick Richard, VP of sales and marketing. For companies looking to reduce label impact of the “Added Sugar” line on the new nutritional statement, this sweetener is an excellent solution.