Can Aspartame Affect Human Health?

Many studies have been conducted on aspartame and its breakdown products in experimental animals and in humans. To date, they conclude that:

aspartame-chemical-structure 1.jpg

1.There is no link between aspartame and damage to the genes or cancer. 

2.Aspartame does not affect reproduction and development, apart from marginal effects at a very high dose more than 100 times greater than the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI). 

3.Aspartame does not produce nervous system disorders. 

4.Aspartame does not affect behaviour, cognition and mood, except possibly in depressed individuals. 

5.Aspartame has not been found to trigger headaches. 

6.A large number of scientists have refuted a suggested link between aspartame and epileptic seizures.

7.Aspartame does not cause allergies and has not been shown to increase body weight.