Ascorbic Acid, Lysine, Proline And Green Tea Extract Helps Ovarian Cancer

A new study indicates that a nutrient mix composed of ascorbic acid, lysing, proline, and green tea extract can help inhibit the development of ovarian cancer indicating this nutrient mix could be used to treat ovarian cancer or prevent this disease.

In the study, athymic female nude mice were inoculated by IP with 2x1106 cells and then divided into two groups with one group fed a normal diet, and another fed the normal diet but also supplemented with this nutrient mix for four weeks.

As a result, all 12 mice that did not receive the supplement developed cancer while five out of six mice that received the supplement did not develop any cancer.

In vitro experiments showed that high doses of this nutrient mix (at 250 ug/ml concentration) completely inhibited the expression of MMP-9 which is involved in remodeling and angiogenesis for tumor growth.  At 250 ug/ml, this mix also inhibited invasion.

The study suggests that this nutrient mix may be used to treat ovarian cancer because of its significantly suppressing activity against tumor growth and its ability of inhibiting MMP-9 secretion and invasion of A-2780 ovarian cancer cells.

Ovarian cancer is the deadliest gynecological cancer in women, and is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. where the disease causes 14,250 deaths in 2013 even though chemotherapy and surgery are commonly used to treat the disease.  The clinical remission takes two years to achieve and only 45% of patients can survive for five years or longer.