Approval And Regulations

Epsilon Poly L Lysine (ε-Polylysine) is food grade and meets FAO/WHO specifications. It is certified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the US FDA with US GRAS No.: GRN000135, CAS No.: 28211-04-3. Currently,Epsilon Poly L Lysine (ε-Polylysine) has approval as a food additive in China, Korea, Japan USA and some more countries.


Range of application

Epsilon Poly L Lysine (ε-Polylysine) was generally recognized as a safe food preservative by FDA in October,2003. It is widely used in food preservation. In food application, it is usually applied with alcohol, organic acids, or glyceride and etc. It can be used in cooked rice, cakes, snacks, noodles, drinks, brewing, meat products, canned food, etc.

Hazard Identification

ε-Polylysine was found to be non-toxic at high levels in acute animal studies and was not mutagenic in bacterial reversion assays. ε-Polylysine is “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS. GRN000315) by the FDA.