Agar Agar E406 Benefits

Agar agar made from Gracilaria and Gelidiume is an important vegetable gum. It is colorless and has no fixed shape, but it is solid and soluble in hot water. Agar agar can be used to make cold foods and microbial culture media. Agar is often referred to as agar or medicated flour, also known as stony gelatin. Agar agar can also be added to the recipe. Benefits of Agar agar like help bronchitis, pneumonia, phlegm, enteritis, lipid-lowering effects.


Agar agar can absorb water in the intestine, expand the contents of the intestines, increase the amount of stool, stimulate the intestinal wall, and help improve constipation. Therefore, people who are often constipated can properly eat some agar nuts. Agar agar is rich in minerals and a variety of vitamins, among which alginate substances have antihypertensive effect, and starch sulfate has lipid-lowering function, which has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on hypertension and hyperlipidemia. It can clear the lungs and phlegm, heat dampness, Yin and reduce fire, cooling blood to stop bleeding.

Agar agar E406 use in food

Agar agar is a polysaccharide extracted from seaweed and is one of the most widely used algae gels in the world. Agar Agar has a wide range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical, daily-use chemical industry, biological engineering, and many other use application. Agar Agar can be used for a thickener, coagulant, suspending agents, emulsifiers, preservatives and stabilizers due to its properties of coagulation, stability, and can form complexes with some substances. Agar agar is widely used in the manufacturing of beverages, jelly, jam, pastry, chocolate, bakery, sauce, dairy, ice cream, cakes, soft candy, canned foods, meat products, rice porridge, white fungus bird’s nest, quail foods, cold foods and so on. In the chemical industry, medical research, Agar Agar can be used as a medium, cream base and other uses.

It’s well known properties for a gelling agent, stabilizer and thickener. Agar agar can serve also as a natural source of vegetable origin dietary fiber and as an intestinal regulator. Once ingested, the powder hydrates and absorbs a large amount of water. This results in the consumer feeling fuller.

Agar agar use in food and how much agar agar to use

In Fruit juice

Agar agar is used for a suspension agent, the use of a concentration of 0.01-0.05%, can make the orange particles evenly suspended.

In beverage products, Agar agar is used, its role is to levitation force, so that the solids in the beverage suspension evenly, do not sink. It can ensure the long suspension time and shelf life, good transparency, good fluidity, smooth taste and no smell.

In soft candy/chocolate/cheesecake

Agar can also be used as a coagulator; thickening agent, emulsifier and stabilizer in the manufacture of confectionaries like gums, chocolate, cheesecake etc. The amount of Agar agar used is about 2.5%, and glucose, white sugar, etc. made of soft candy, its transparency and taste far better than other soft candy. We can give you the suggestion how to make agar agar pudding soft candy/chocolate/cheesecake.

Agar is used in solid foods. Its role is to coagulate to form a colloid, and as a main raw material to complex other accessories, such as sugar liquid, sugar, spices and so on.

In canned meat, meat products 

0.2-0.5% Agar agar can form a gel to effectively bind the minced meat.

In cold food

First wash the agar, use boiling water to make it swell, picked up and add ingredients to eat.

In dairy products

Agar Agar is used in dairy based products like yoghurts, ice-creams, mousses, chocolate milks, custard tarts, custards etc. incorporation takes place at pasteurization stage. It is considered as a cost effective stabilizer for dairy products where water retention is of importance. It can also be mixed with other colloids to improve their final texture.

In pudding

A transparent strong elastic gel can be prepared with 0.1-0.3% agar and refined galactomannan. We can give you the suggestion how to make agar agar pudding.

In jelly

Agar agar in jelly used as a suspending agent, the reference amount of 0.15-0.3%, can make the particles evenly suspended, no precipitation, no delamination. We can give you the suggestion how to make agar agar jelly.

In jam and bekery

Agar agar is used as a thickening agent in low calorie marmalades, jams, processed meat products, bakery fillings, icings, prepared soups, ice-creams, etc. and as a gelation agent in doughnuts, low calorie marmalades, jams, jelly candy, fruit yogurts, acidified creams, cheese, puddings, custards, flans, fruit desserts, whipped fruit pulp, etc. Agar can also be used in spreadable products like honey, butter, peanut butter, jam products like honey butter, peanut butter, jam products (Substitution of pectin to decrease sugar level).

Types of Agar agar and their uses

As a Agar agar manufacturer and supplier, we supply Agar agar two types, powder and flake (strip) and these two types are the main types in the market.