Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1
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Vitamin B1 HCl/Mono BP98/USP24

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Vitamin B1 HCl/Mono BP98/USP24





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White Powder


Vitamin B1 exists in all human tissue, which makes it very important to resist neuritis. So, it is much necessary that the source of obtaining it is through food additive. However, Vitamin B1 becomes unstable when exposed to light, oxygen, heat and metal ions. This unsuitability of Vitamin B1 reduces its effectiveness when it is stored for an extended period of time.
After years of trying and trial, we invented the first micro-bound and micro -encapsulated processing system for stabilizing the Vitamin B1. The product is highly stable during food storage and processing. Vitamin B1 is a very important food additive. Stable Vitamin B1 Microcapsule is to avoid being destroyed in the presence of oxygen, heat, moisture, light and some minerals. Therefore, losses of Vitamin B1 potency can be considerable during feed manufacturing or on prolonged food storage.
To solve these problems, Gaocheng Biotech & Health Co., LITD has invented a new generation of Vitamin B1 fortifier VITAMIN B1 MICROCAPSULE, a stable Vitamin B1 Micro-capsules. Employing micro-agglutination and micro encapsulation technology makes VITAMIN B1 MICROCAPSULE more stable and other good points:
1.The special coating substances can shields Vitamin B1 from the degrading effects of sunlight, oxygen, moisture, heat, processing forces and storage time. However, the coating substances are easily digestible by human digestive systems, which makes VITAMIN B1 MICROCAPSULE biologically available.
2.Vamin B1 microcapsule is more fit for the application in the food process.
3.The size of Vitamin B1 microcapsule is evenly and the product is flowing, no static and is spreads around in the food.
4.The product is designed in accordance with the digestive rules of human body. The products coat has the abilities to control releasing and absorbing at the same time.
5.All coated materials influence little on the analysis of Vitamin B1.
6.The microcapsule technology covers up the bad odor of Vitamin B1.