Product Details


Product Name:






Molecular Formula:


Molecular Structure:

Physico-chemical properties:

White Powder








Viscosity(4% Solution.Mpa.S)


Loss on drying






Ph(2% Solution)



<10 Mg/Kg

Free Methyl.Ethyl And Isopropyl Alcohol


Gel Strength




Heavy metal(as Pb)




Hydrochloric Acid Insoluble

≤ 1 %

Degree Of Esterification

≥ 50

Galacturonic Acid

≥ 65.0%



Total plate count


Yeasts and moulds


Salmonella sp


C. perfringens


Functional use


Pectin Details

Pectin is one of the most versatile stabilizers available. Product and application development by the major Pectin producers has over the years resulted in a large expansion of the opportunities and applicability of Pectin.

Pectin is a key stabilizer in many food products.

Pectin is a natural component of all edible plant material. 

Pectin is located in the plant cell walls and in a layer between the cells called middle lamella. Pectin gives firmness to the plants and influences growth and water household. 

Pectin is a soluble dietary fiber. Pectin is a polymer of galacturonic acid and with that an acidic polysaccharide, and Part of the acids are present as methyl ester. Pectin was discovered in the nineteenth century, and has been used at home and in industry for many years.


1.pectin application:

The role of pectin is to impart a texture to the jam or jelly that allows transportation without changes, which gives a good flavor release and that minimmizes syne resis. The use concentrations for pectin vary from 0.1-0.4%.Jams, Jellies and marmalades with a soluble solid content of at least 55% are the classic applications for our HM apple pectin which guarantee excellent flavour release, low syneresis and fruity-sweet taste. The FP102 and FP103 series is the choice for recommended filling temperatures between 65 – 85°C.

2.Fruit preparations for yogurt:

Pectins can create a soft, partly thixotropic gel texture, sufficiently firm to ensure uniform fruit distribution out still allowing the fruit preparation to be easily stirred into the yogurt. Especially when other plant guns – reduce color migration into the yogurt phase of the final product. The use concentrations vary from 0.5-1.2%.We recommend using Fuyuan type FH104 and FH105 products.

3.Fruit drink concentrates:

In this application the gelation is apparent in the end product only as a thickening effect, as the coherent gel texture has been broken mechanically to obtain a smooth flow. The use concentrations vary from 0.1-0.5%. we recommend our rangeof viscosity standardised HM pectin types from FH103 and FH104 series.We recommend Fuyuan Pectin type FH103 and FH104 products within juice beverage.

4.Confectionery products

Pectin is mainly used within the confectionery industry for making fruit jellies and jelly centers, flavored with natural fruit constituents and synthetic flavors.The use concentrations vary from 0.7-1.5%. Confectionery products with 70%-80% solube solids,also the lower PH value, can cause rapid or even an uncontrollable gelling speed if the wrong type of pectin is used. The special selection is also the FH 104 and FH105 series ,it contain different well balanced buffer systems to provide con-sistent setting properties and consistent gelling strength.

5.Milk products:

Pectin is utilized to stabilize sour milk products either cultured or produced by direct acidification. The pectin reacts with the casein, prevents the aggregation of casein particles at pH below the isoelectric pH(4.6) and allows pasteurization of the sour milk products to extend their shelf life. The use concentrations vary from 0.1-0.7%.We recommend using Fuyuan type FH103 and FH104 products.

6.Pharmaceutical applications:

Pectin is reported to possess a number of valuable biological effects. It can effectively remove heavy metal such as lead, arsenic, barium, etc, and also can lower the cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure,and blood fad. The ability of pectin to the rapy gastric ulcer is utilized in producing pectin-Bi. In addition, anti-diarrhe a medicines often contains a mixture of kaolin, pectin and antibiotic.We recommend using Fuyuan Pectin type FH301.