Erythritol China Supplier

Erythritol China Supplier
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Erythritol China Supplier

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Synonyms:meso-Erythritol; 1,2,3,4-Butanetetrol; meso-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroxybutane

Molecular Formula:C4H10O4

Molecular Weight:122.12

CAS Registry Number:149-32-6


HS Code:29054990


Packing:25kg bag/drum/carton

Port of loading: China main port

Port of dispapch:Shanghai ; Qindao;Tianjin

Product Description:

Erythritol is a newly developed 4-carbon sugar alcohol, which can be obtained by fermentation of glucose. It is a white crystalline powder with a refreshing sweet taste, is not easy to absorb moisture, is stable at high temperatures, and is stable in a wide range of pH. When dissolved in the mouth. It has a mild cooling sensation and is suitable for a variety of foods.

Erythritol is the lowest energy functional sugar, with only one-tenth the heat of sucrose. Because of its small molecular weight, it is easily absorbed by the body, and only a small amount enters the human large intestine and is fermented by microorganisms.

80% of erythritol is eaten by human body and enters human blood, but it cannot be catabolized by enzymes in the body, does not provide energy for the body, and does not participate in sugar metabolism.

In food industry, erythritol, as substitute of cane sugar, is widely used in food manufacturing such as baking and roasting foods, cakes, dairy produce, chocolate, all kinds candies, dessert, gum, soft drink, ice-cream etc. which keeps foods good in color, sweet-smelling, sapor and prevent foods from deterioration. We supplies you with quality and cheap erythritol china supplier made of our professional factories in China.