High quality food additives Aspartame supplier

High quality food additives Aspartame supplier
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High quality food additives Aspartame supplier

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Nutritional Value:Nutritional


Food Grade sweetener BP/USP/FCCV Aspartame 

Aspartame sweetener 

CAS No.: 22839-47-0

Product Description

*Aspartame is a new-style intense sweetener of amino acid. It is a dipeptide compound made from L-aspartic acid and L-phenylalanine. It has no after taste such as bitter, chemical and metal taste. Aspartame can enhance the flavor of fruit and reduce the bitterness of coffee. 

*Furthermore, aspartame can decrease calories effectively, and it will not cause decayed tooth. Aspartame has the same metabolic function as protein. 

*Aspartame has many advantages such as good flavor, intense sweetness, low calories and high safety. 

*It is widely used in carbonated beverage, jam, instant coffee, frozen milk products, chewing gum, sweetmeat, salad dressing. 

*Aspartame also can be made into different forms, such as granule, troche, powder or liquor. And added as the substitution of saccharose into normal sweetmeats which adapt to diabetes and adiposis sufferers.

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