Sodium Erythorbate China Supplier

Sodium Erythorbate China Supplier
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Sodium Erythorbate China Supplier

Products Specification:

Name:Sodium Erythorbate

Synonyms:D-Sodium isoascorbiate; D-Erythro-hex-2-enonic acid gamma-lactone monosodium salt; 2,3-Didehydro-3-O-sodio-D-erythro-hexono-1,4-lactone

Molecular Formula:C6H7NaO6

Molecular Weight:198.12

CAS Registry Number:6381-77-7


HS Code: 29322900

Specification: FCC

Packing: 25kg bag/drum/carton

Port of loading: China main port

Port of dispapch: Shanghai; Qindao;Tianjin

Product Description:

Sodium erythorbate is a white to yellowish white crystalline or crystalline powder that is odorless and slightly salty. It is quite stable in air in the dry state, but it is easily oxidized in the case of air, metal, heat and light in an aqueous solution. Soluble in water, solubility 55 g / 100 mL, 1% aqueous solution pH 7.4, almost insoluble in ethanol. Sodium erythorbate has the same antioxidant properties as erythorbic acid.

Erythorbic is food ingredients and food additives that act as preservatives by inhibiting the effects of oxygen on food, and can be beneficial to health. It not only keep the original food color and natural flavor, but also increase the shelf life of food, without any side effects as well.

Erythorbic acid is important antioxidant in food industry, which can keep the color, natural flavor of foods and lengthen its storage without any toxic and side effects. They are used in meat processing, fruits, vegetable, tin and jam etc. Also they are used in drinks, such as beer, grape wine, soft drink, fruit tea and fruit juice etc. We supplies you with quality and cheap sodium erythorbate china supplier made of our professional factories in China.