Erythorbic Acid

Erythorbic Acid
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Product Name:

Erythorbic Acid FCC4





Molecular Formula:


Physico-chemical properties:

white or little yellow powder


Erythorbic acid is white to pale yellow or crystalline powder, odorless, sour. The anti-oxidation ability of erythorbic acid far exceeds that of vitamin C, and it does not enhance the action of vitamin C, but it does not hinder the absorption and utilization of ascorbic acid. The body ingests erythorbic acid, which can be converted into vitamin C in the body.

Erythorbic acid used as antioxidants, erythorbic is food ingredients and food additives that act as preservatives by inhibiting the effects of oxygen on food, and can be beneficial to health. It not only keep the original food color and natural flavor, but also increase the shelf life of food, without any side effects as well. 

Erythorbic acid is important antioxidant in food industry, which can keep the color, natural flavor of foods and lengthen its storage without any toxic and side effects. They are used in meat processing, fruits, vegetable, tin and jam etc. Also they are used in drinks, such as beer, grape wine, soft drink, fruit tea and fruit juice etc.

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