DL-Malic Acid China Supplier

DL-Malic Acid China Supplier
Product Details

Products Specification:

Name:DL-Malic acid

Synonyms: DL-Hydroxysuccinic acid; DL-2-Hydroxybutanedioic acid; DL-Apple acid

Molecular Formula:C4H6O5

Molecular Weight:134.09

CAS Registry Number:6915-15-7 (617-48-1)

HS Code:29181990


Packing:25kg bag/drum/carton

Port of loading: China main port

Port of dispapch:Shanghai ; Qindao;Tianjin

Product Description

As the professional DL-Malic Acid China Supplier, our DL-Malic Acid is internationally recognized as a safe food additive, it is usually used as acidity regulators, preservatives and PH regulator.

DL-Malic Acid is white crystalline powder, it is odourless and no smell. It is easily dissolved in water and ethanol, slightly soluble in acetone. Malic acid is stable under normal conditions and hygroscopic when the humidity is high. 

Packed in cardboard drums lined with double-layer food grade polyethylene plastic bags, which are easy to absorb moisture and oxidize.

It should be awned during transportation, and should not be mixed with toxic, odorous and colored powders. Store in a cool, dry warehouse to avoid sun exposure.

Our factory is one of the most professional China suppliers engaged in wholesale DL-Malic Acid. We can provide good quality products in time for all customers.


Used as an acidulate in cool drinks, frozen foods, processed foods; Used as color-keeper and antiseptic of juice and as emulsion stabilizer of egg yolk. 

DL-Malic acid can also be used as pharmaceutical intermediate, cosmetic, rinse, metal cleaner, buffering agent, retarder in textile industry, fluorescent whitening agent of polyester fiber.